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Music Workshops for Toddler,

Pre-Primary & Kindergarten Classes

Bring live music to your young learners with an interactive musical workshop from Caitlin for Kids!

Caitlin Claessens is an experienced professional musician and educator, having performed and taught in hundreds of classrooms, and online at Super Simple Songs. Her musical workshops engage students through her singing voice and guitar, and gets everyone moving, singing, and thinking about music. 

Each workshop is around 35 minutes, and includes shakers and scarves for each students to interact with. Caitlin brings lots of energy to get everyone involved. The goal is to get the group engaged, listening and reacting with the music through vocalization and movement. The workshops help to foster an appreciation for music, and a realization that even little ones can make music themselves. Plus it is a ton of fun! With older primary groups, Caitlin introduces new musical vocabulary and activities involving tempo, pitch, and musical dynamics. 

PRICING: $200 for a single 35 minute workshop, and $50 for every additional workshop booked on the same day. For example, if you had three classrooms, the price would be $300 ($200 for the first workshop, and $50 for each of the two following workshops). 

*The workshop works best when students are in their own classroom, and with their own age group. Keeping the classes small lets everyone feel comfortable and allows them to be more participatory. 

To book a date or send an inquiry, please contact Caitlin!


"Thanks so much for coming! Everyone loved it. The kids wanted to sing the songs the rest of the day, and are still talking about it. Thanks again!" -Fairlawn Public School (Peel DSB)

"The classrooms all gave glowing feedback and stated how great your voice is. Thank you again and will look forward to booking you next year." -Peekaboo Child Care, Cambridge

"Everyone was raving about your performance! Can't wait to have you back." -Rowntree Montessori

"Thank you so much for everything! It was awesome! The whole school was raving about it, we had our staff conference today and we are still talking about it!" -Forest Hill Montessori

"We all loved your classes, you brought great energy and music to the students. Thank you so very much for your talents."

-Tender Treasures

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