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Music enrichment classes

"I have taken many children to many music classes - your class is the best". Caregiver with 20+ years experience

Multiple studies have shown that singing and chanting enhance development in children during those early, critical years. It lays the foundation for language and reading readiness through sound discrimination, as well as vocabulary, coordination and basic music skills. And it is never too early to start!


Caitlin believes in the power of music and uses it to help elevate a child's learning experience. Through her vast experience of educational enrichment with children throughout Toronto and New York City, as well as a knowledge of music with professional performances and recordings, her classes are filled with learning, fun, and your favourite songs. By using music to create new connections with movement and vocalization, the children and caregivers in Caitlin's music classes come out smiling and one step closer to a brighter future. 

Each 45 minute class begins with a big hello, and warm up of our bodies and voices - even getting some vocalization from the youngest babies! We enjoy shakers, finger play, scarves, movement, dancing, lullubies, and the always popular clean up time, introducing the young ones to transitions and class structure. Each class has standard songs that your little one will love and sing at home, and a mix of new songs to try. Join us! 

As of January 2017, Caitlin for Kids is taking a break from offering group classes by the semester. I love leading these classes, and hope to one day soon have the time to offer them again. Currently, I am working full time with Skyship Entertainment, creating and performing children's content for their Youtube channel, Super Simple Songs and Super Simple Play. You can tune in to all the videos available there!

Please keep in touch via Facebook, and add your email to my mailing list by contacting me, and you'll be the first to know of any events I play at, promos I offer for birthday party entertainment, and when I will have classes open for registration! 

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Caitlin for Kids! It has been a honour to be a part of your little ones' young life!

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