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About Caitlin for Kids

Caitlin Claessens is a professional musician and educator. Her music classes and entertainment have been enjoyed by hundreds of families and children.

Caitlin for Kids is experienced musician and educator Caitlin Claessens. Caitlin has always had a great love for music, performance and the education of young people.


She offers                                                            for children ages 6 months to 5 years, as well as                                                                       for events, concerts, and birthdays!


In 2011, Caitlin moved to New York City and spent three years working with children's music programs such as ABCDo-Re-Me, Music for Aardvarks, Little Rockers and Moey's Music Party. She found great enjoyment playing music on her guitar with children ages 0-5 in weekly classes. Also in New York, Caitlin sang for multiple sound designers and songwriters. Her voice has been featured in ads for Victoria Secret, Theadora & Callum, and T-Mobile's 2015 Super Bowl commercial. 


She started her career in children's theatre, touring elementary schools in southern Ontario, presenting theatrical and educational programs exploring the themes of character education, diversity and bullying. She had the opportunity to join students from JK-gr. 8 in the classroom to talk about those themes, as well as the arts as a career. Caitlin has had the pleasure of performing for and speaking to thousands of students. 


Now back home in Ontario, Caitlin has brought everything she has learned from her work in music classes and performing to provide an interactive and educational musical experience for families in the GTA. In addition to her work with young people in classes, Caitlin is also a singer and personality on the popular Youtube channel Super Simple Songs. Narrating shows like Treetop Family, singing in Sing Along with Tobee, and performing in weekly live videos, Caitlin is able to reach out to the over 5 million subscribers with her music and voice.


Join Caitlin for Kids on Facebook to keep up to date with information, and for fun videos and photos! 




What do you like most about Caitlin for Kids?

"Very interactive with the kids!"

"Caitlin's fun and enthusiastic attitude."

"Caitlin is enganged and great with the kids - lots of energy!"

"Very interactive"

"Her enthusiasum and smiling face always made the class so much fun!"

"Caitlin :)"

"Caitlin and her interaction with the children!"

"Caitlin's enthusiasum"

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